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Suzanne Ross – Independent Writing Services | Northern BC

Why Written Voice?

The genesis of written voice was a simple favor. I helped prepare a letter of application for a community member to serve on a national advisory group. This gave me satisfaction. I drew on established writing skills and a community member now has national presence. I helped give written voice.

Seven Sisters and the magnificent Skeena River

Seven Sisters and the magnificent Skeena River

Knowledge of the North

I have been struck since moving to the north at the range of knowledge here. Transported from my urban environment I was unprepared for how little I really knew. I think the knowledge of the north, grown out of resilience and earth roots, has important lessons for the broader world. There is self-sufficiency and practical know-how. There is wisdom grown of addressing unique northern challenges. There is deep connection to our physical world.

Giving Strong Voice

The knowledge of the north is a lived knowledge founded on individual and community experiences. It is knowledge that can be hard to share and shape into words yet it contains valuable lessons and life directions. It is knowledge that can serve as a foundation for shaping community values and goals amidst the noise of the broader world. It is knowledge that deserves strong voice.