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Suzanne Ross – Independent Writing Services | Northern BC

About Written Voice

Written Voice is an independent consulting service established by Suzanne Ross, MA, MBA. Written Voice serves the northern BC Bulkley Valley and Skeena River corridor. Clients are wide-ranging and focus on the non-profit sector.

Stekyawden mountain standing guard

Stekyawden mountain standing guard


The Written Voice mission is to offer high quality writing services that give presence and strong voice to client aspirations. Written Voice aims to serve a wide range of governance and delivery and development organizations in BCs northern interior communities. Written Voice respects client needs and offers timely writing services that add value to organization activities.


  • Workshop and Conference Reports
  • Proposals and Grant Applications
  • Educational materials and workplace manuals
  • Annual Reports
  • Organizational policy manuals
  • Consultations and Workplace Assessments
  • Website content
  • Inspirational Stories and Histories
  • Resumes and Letters

Written Voice offers support to:


Garden Harvest

  • First Nations Governments, Councils, and Bands
  • Municipal, provincial, and federal government services
  • Health services
  • Community service agencies and service providers
  • Community development groups and associations
  • Individuals

Written Voice can help when:

  • You need something completed quickly
  • You have a challenging writing project beyond the scope of day-to-day organizational capacity
  • You want to combine skills and have Written Voice contribute to early or later stages of document preparation

Our work together begins with a consultation. I welcome enquiries and can help you identify proposed project scope and projected cost. I work to ensure that Written Voice offers a high quality, cost-effective service for your writing needs.

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